Propertymonk is one of India’s Top International Property Consultant with presence in Mumbai & UAE & further Expanding to Africa...

PropertyMonk Its Lead by Change Leaders from real estate industry, who have proven mettle in past by establishing and creating brands.

Each member of the team is hand-picked real estate professionals from India’s finest real estate groups, who are groomed in Top Notch Educational Institutes in India and abroad. Together The Team believes we are the Magnetos of Sale. PropertyMonk business expertise lies both in residential and commercial business. Separate Team Led by Best Team Leaders and Industry Stalwarts control the Micromarkets with decades of Experiences.

Our Core Operations are Involved in Underwriting, Advisory, Leasing, Portfolio Management and broking service to clients. The experience and expertise gained in the past make us humble and imbibed the thought of humility beyond all means. We have done disruptions, we will do it further.

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