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Life Of PropertyMonk

Make a difference

Backed by Academia, Pillars of Education and Foundation on Strategic Advisory. It's The case of transformation in Real Estate and Our leadership strength places us at the forefront of these efforts. Our everyday growing reach and undeniable expertise, backed by our spirit of disruption and culture of entrepreneurship, positions us ideally to lead this change and we find this truly inspiring. When you work for PropertyMonk you know that you create an impact that goes far beyond your job – you will make a difference to yourself, and the Lives around you.

Yenki Ahuja: Co-Founder

"We aim to create an inspired startup, with some ambitious plans, where each one of us treats the company as if it were our own. We deliver work to contribute meaningfully, and empower individuals with the freedom and autonomy, the learning opportunities and work environment to grow beyond boundaries and deliver to potential."

Experience our Passion

Our Passion is the glue which binds us together. We are relentlessly entrepreneurial, seeking out opportunities and rewarding the effort. We instil ambition for doing more than expected, and challenge the status quo, avoid bureaucracy and empower our team to build long-term relationships with our customers and Partnered Developers. We strive to do the Best and each one of us takes ownership as if we were the founders of the business.

Work with Great people

It’s incredibly motivating to be part of such Board of Advsiors Leading us from The Front. And NonetheLess Our Founders who are passionate, energetic and Skilled equally working together to achieve something big and meaningful. Its Like Krishna Leading The Charriot of Arjuna" We also work with leaders who have helped shape the Real Estate over almost 2 decades which is also incredibly inspiring.

Learn and grow each day

A career in PropertyMonk isn't just about progressing through a hierarchy. It's about growing through rich and diverse experiences, developing your skills in challenging roles, and participating in initiatives to build new capabilities. We encourage everyone who works here to take ownership of their career, seek out challenge and change, and ask for feedback. Working at PropertyMonk is a chance to grow your global network, widen your outlook and enhance your career capital.

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